Written By: Isaac Botchwey, member of HydroDetectus, MSc. Student of Bioresources Engineering specializing in Integrated Water Resources Management at McGill University, Canada (signing in from Ghana, Africa).

The social nexus of Water is indispensable to the wellbeing of humans, plants and animals. Imagine the state of all forms of life in a waterless community. I am sure your guess may be as good as mine. This current state of water utilization (domestic, industrial and agricultural) trends is threat due to the changing climate.

What are the uncertainties of the cost (treatment, purchases, etc), rates per acre foot, and all ancillaries related to water transportation, treatment and its use by the final consumer? Many are the corporations and institutions encouraging efficient, effective & sustainable use of water. This has achieved some tremendous successes : For example, Alliance for Water Efficiency (2017) through their “avoiding costs with conservation” program contributed to a lower water rates in Tucson, Arizona. Water usage per individual per day dropped to a low 31% hence reducing the financial burden on water companies and users.

Source: UN-Water, 2021

The question still remains: Is there a social value placed on our water resources? How much do/will consumers really pay for their water usage?? What are the dynamics of the social use of water??? To what extent will population growth and climate change affect the conservation, distribution and the real cost of water????

These are amongst the many multifaceted and the never ending questions on water resources that team HydroDetectus seeks to answer. HydroDetectus envisions being a research think tank made of industry experts, researchers, scholars and volunteers, who are at the fore front of exploring both the social dimensions and the predictions of water and water related issues now and in the future. Their work is transboundary and everything “water” intersects with: from prediction models and simulations of water trends (availability and quantity), to the cost or pricing of water, and to the final water users (Domestic, Industrial and Agricultural), it’s all about HydroDetectus. Think of anything water, think of HydroDetectus; no water related challenge is left unconsidered and hence unresolved.

I am Isaac Botchwey (MSc. Bioresources Engineering specializing in Integrated Water Resources Management Student at McGill University). Little did I know that I would gain such a valuable experience when I joined the HydroDetectus Team. Joining this wonderful team of dynamic individuals with a common shared goal (water) has and continues to be a change maker in my career development. HydroDetectus created the environment and gave me the platform to delve deeper into water and its related issues. Through their invaluable mentorship, I have come to the realization that water is a priceless commodity in all facets of life.


Avoiding Costs with Conservation, Tucson, AZ Fact Sheet.pdf, by Alliance for Water Efficiency.org, 2017.