Written by: Ishrat Jabin, member of HydroDetectus, NOAA CESSRST Scholar at the City College of New York

Water is constantly in motion. Sometimes it is flowing through our rivers and other times, it is passing through air masses from one layer of the atmosphere to another. This movement makes water a circulating resource. Because it is circulating, there is always hope that the next year will bring more rain. However, there is also the fear that the rivers will run dry.

Many questions arise about our global water resources and whether or not a water market can be developed. It…

Written by : Jonathan Santoso, student member of HydroDetectus, and Data Science Institute scholar @ Columbia University, NYC, USA.

Advised & Edited by : Dr. Jose Gustavo S Paiva, Visualization team leader of HydroDetectus, and professor of Faculty of Computing at the Federal University of Uberlandia, Uberlandia-MG Brazil

Curtesy : Dr. Jose Gustavo of HydroDetectus

Developing effective visual analysis strategies can be challenging. In California’s Water Data Challenge, we are developing a data visualization tool that provides a set of interactive layouts conveying information about several water indicators, provided by historical data and also by the prediction of several Machine Learning models. The idea is to provide…

Written By: Isaac Botchwey, member of HydroDetectus, MSc. Student of Bioresources Engineering specializing in Integrated Water Resources Management at McGill University, Canada (signing in from Ghana, Africa).

The social nexus of Water is indispensable to the wellbeing of humans, plants and animals. Imagine the state of all forms of life in a waterless community. I am sure your guess may be as good as mine. This current state of water utilization (domestic, industrial and agricultural) trends is threat due to the changing climate.

What are the uncertainties of the cost (treatment, purchases, etc), rates per acre foot, and all ancillaries…

Esmeralda Vargas, member of HydroDetectus, NOAA CESSRST Scholar at the City College of New York

California is a popular tourist location known for its beautiful beaches, the infamous Hollywood sign, and diverse cities like San Francisco. It is also home to a growing population and assorted ecosystems — like the dry Mojave Desert, Central Valley, or forested mountains in Sacramento.

While the West coast is attractive to others such as East coasters for its wonderful climate, it has undergone many changes in the past years. Droughts and wildfires have become a new norm in this once peaceful state, and along with these matters water, specifically, renewable fresh water . …

Ishrat Jabin, member of HydroDetectus, NOAA CESSRST Scholar at the City College of New York

They all ask for water. Turns out that dry January in California means something else.

That’s not a joke. HydroDetectus is a team of scientists, students, and volunteers from interdisciplinary backgrounds collaborating on the development of a tool to predict and communicate future water availability. This team is led by Dr. Indrani Pal, a NOAA CESSRST scientist and Columbia University affiliate with a passion for investigating hydrological processes and using data science approaches to address risks to renewable freshwater supply. Her partner, Dr. Valerie Were, is an environmental social scientist who seeks to discover the impacts of water scarcity on…


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